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Table: YHAyytt (YY=Year, TT=Term)

Housing Table

Note: These term tables are no longer updated or maintained.

Description: The Housing table contains information about students in housing who have an active assignment. There is only one entry for each student based on room assignment. Information currently available includes name, address, demographics, degree, major, some academic information, GPA, and housing assignment specific information. For the term of the table, this information is extracted from the BANNER student information. This process was run at night and contains a snapshot of the data from the close of business the prior day. A new tables were created shortly after the first registrations for the next term begin. The term table was frozen the day prior to the first day of class for the next term.

Table Data: The length of the each item is included in parenthesis after the item name. Numeric decimal field lengths are represented by the number of decimal positions before and after the decimal point (example: 999.99 indicates that there are up to three positions before the decimal point and two after). Fields with date information include the word 'Date' following them.

Codes: The current Banner codes for the table items listed in the user dictionary can be referenced using the Banner form specified at the end of the code list. The codes listed were last updated as of February 25, 2011.

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